Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday lunch

Another of the anniversaries that I wasn't really looking forward to lately was my birthday. In the end it was truly wonderful. It kept on and on over the whole weekend and beyond with time spent with my lovely friends. On Friday, the day before my birthday, Clarissa and Lisa had organised champagne and cake in the backyard of Lisa's house, with bunting and sunshine.
The sun shone and a LOT of cake was consumed. Having a serious effect on my cleavage!
After I came home from the party, a large box was sitting on my doorstep with this bunch of spectacular flowers from my Sister Suez. How often do you get a bunch like this. Peonies, pink hydrangeas and pink roses with pale green edges.
Then on the saturday of my actual birthday, we went to a sculpture trail at a small village called Burgh Apton with Clarissa and Zebby and my gorgeous little buddy Grace. A picnic was prepared.
and a lot more cake was consumed.
The sun shone AGAIN and the air around the gardens smelled strongly of mock orange.
and cow parsley.

This was my favourite sculpture of all.
and here's Clarissa giving it all she's got. There is no way I can do this yoga move.
a long and tiring day but completely wonderful. Thanks gang.

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clarissa said...

Ah! Beautiful pictures! As always lovely Ludders. I love you.<3