Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Richard's funeral details

Dear friends, family and blogreaders all. Richard's funeral will be this Friday. The details are as follows.

Friday October the 8th @ 4pm
Church of St Peter & St Paul
Church Rd, East Harling NR16 2NB Norfolk, United Kingdom.
Parking opposite the church

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made at the church (or online) for charities: The Big C (, Macmillan Cancer Support (, and for the Church Bell fund.
In the true spirit of Richard's life, please come dressed to celebrate such a wonderful person. The last thing he would want to see in the church is a sea of black and grey, so please add a dash of colour to your outfit, as he added a dash of colour to our lives.The wake will follow on after the service,in the next village along at Bridgham.

The wake will be from 6pm
Please bring a bottle and a nibble type dish.x

We received a lovely message the other day in amongst the many from our friend Lizzie who wrote..."Richard lives on in us all. I can't believe that his humour, musicality, love and sharp suits have not in some way impacted on us and changed us in some subtle (or not!) way."


sallywj said...

Joey I want you to know that Richard did change us as have you. He and you have taught us to be happier, braver, freer, more generous, more alive. We may have only known you for a relatively short time but it really feels like a lifetime and we are bereft by the his loss. Today has been a moving, wonderful appalling day and we are proud and privileged to have been part of it. We are in awe of your courage, grace and beauty and no matter what we are here for you. Thank you for everything you are.

JoeyJoJo said...

My darling Sal. I am so comforted and helped by you and all those good and wonderful people of Harling. It is a privilege of its own to be here amongst you. If this had to happen; Richard could not have brought me to a better place to walk this hard road.

sallywj said...

Then walk it with our hands in yours xxxxxxxxx