Thursday, October 28, 2010

La Fosse de Tigne

After a long drive with Clarry and Zebby (thank you so much for a stress free travel experience) I arrived at London City airport.
The airport was full of businessmen and I was the ONLY person in an outfit that wasn't black or grey. As I sat numbly on the plane I felt that my whole life was black or grey and I had one of those moments when you feel that you really wouldn't care if the plane crashed into the Channel as long as it was quick.
However my darling Liz picked me up from Nantes airport and drove us home to her place and THIS is what I woke to this morning!
La Fosse is one of the most precious places in the Universe and Richard's soul hovers very close here.
We have stayed here year after year for the last 3 years helping Liz build it up to be a fabulous B&B.
And the main reason we loved it is because of Liz.
It's so good to be away from a million zillion pieces of paper that all have my life hanging in their balance. It's so good to be with a sympathetic friend and it's so good to have a little bit of sun on your head.
It's so beautiful and I'm so lucky that Richard left me the legacy of Liz and La Fosse.


Mardi Sommerfeld said...

Dear Joey, A very heartwarming blog from you in France. Lovely to see you looking ravishing in red and those gorgeous red vines... Will write you properly soon, Mard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful joey, i hope you have some peace in La Fosse.Thinking of you,Netty x

JoeyJoJo said...

Thank you my beauties. It does look good but it still comes with a very empty heart. Ouch.

Kim Bradbury said...

Hey Joey, should have read your blog first... just left a message on your answerphone! Love and miss you, Kim xxx