Friday, January 01, 2010


Well, well, well it's New Years Eve already, gosh before we know it, it will be Christmas again.
We had a great time this New years eve. We had a party to go to at friends nearby and the theme was a Space Oddity. I was coming down with a cold and lacked enthusiasm of any sort, but Ricardo the Magnificent had ideas of going as Flash Gordon! How could I let him out do me? So we spent the day making pairs of matching yellow velvet hot pants and mantle things for our super powered shoulders. Richard even bleached his hair but it ended up looking a little reddish rather than the platinum it said on the box. We had such fun making those outfits. As you can see by the photos my shorts were a lot tighter than his! When he tried his on over the top of his long underwear, all I could think of was some sort of cartoon character, maybe Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse. I thought even if the party is a dud, we will have had a ball anyway.
I've got no idea how I got my hair to stay so poofy! Here we are ready for anything.
The party was great. At 11.30 we ditched it though and raced along quiet country roads to a Church nearby to join our more sober friends for midnight bell-ringing activities.
Jeremy made sure we did the whole thing according to bellringing protocol. At first we rang for 10 or 15 minutes with bells half muffled (Muffles are leather pads fitted to a bell's clapper to reduce the volume. They attenuate the bell's strike note whilst retaining the hum. By only muffling the clapper on one side you get an 'echo' effect as blows are alternately loud and soft. Bells fitted with muffles in this way are said to be half-muffled). Then as 12 midnight approached Jeremy raced up the stone spiral stairs and took off the muffles. Richard then rang the heaviest bell (the Tenor) for 12 strokes before we all kicked in to ring out that glorious sound all through the quiet village of Great Ellingham. Here we are flushed with success and a little bubbly. If you look closely you can see my yellow shorts! Hair slightly less poofy now though.

Happy New Year to you all, my blogger Buddies.


kelly said...

what fun! What a very cool way to "ring in" the New Year ... in style!

Happy New Year. xxxx

Mardi said...

What great outfits Joey!!! I love your hairdos as well, great pics.
So nice to see the evidence of your big night out... love you xxx mard

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Buddies.
Big night out was right, even though I managed to stay awake til 1am, somehow I managed to get the worst cold in history. Crikey, it's even verging on MAN FLU.

suez said...

ohhh no wait for me. I havent blogged for a while. What a wild night and what crazy outfits. You two look straight out of the 90's..or maybe its the 80's.Well done.
but im sorry you are a sick little sis.FIND A WARM HOLE TO HIDE IN FOR THE REST OF THE WINTER xxXxxx