Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter wonderland

Here are just a few photos to let you know it's not all doom and gloom 'round here.
It's been the most amazingly thick (for round here Kelly) snow. Everything looks beautiful, even the most suburban houses in Harling.
The hedge outside was turned into a cartoon plum pudding with cream on top.
We went to the Supper club that Clarissa & Yusuf put on once a month. Here are the oyster boys, shuckin' their little hearts out.
The Super supper club queen herself Clarribelle
The Salmon en croute before it became the salmon du mess.
We also attended the most wonderful carol concert at the nearby Bridgham Church.
The most perfect snowy day.
Here's out friend Gracie, preparing to become a sheep in the play.
Sally & Ricardo & Janet getting ready for their big concert performance
Two angels who also attended

Then it was Christmas day and we spent it with the Zebedoodle. He's just at that lovely age where it's ll incredibly exciting and there are PRESENTS.
Luckily for his musical little brain he got a ukulele. Here he is mesmerised by Richard tuning it.
Finally after a huge feast of rib of beef and plum pudding we all relaxed as Zebbie did his nudie dance.

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