Sunday, November 29, 2009

(Wo) Man overboard

Phew, it's been a weekend and a half. A tidal wave of effort that paid off hugely in the end. I spent all day Friday making tray after tray of macarons.
This time they all worked after a dismal effort of three batches on Thursday that flopped without rhyme or reason just when I was getting cocky. I've been a major pain in the arse to live with lately too as it got closer and closer to Saturday and my cushion sale at Brondie's house in Norwich.
I always make it a policy to wear the same colour as the things I'm baking.. (It can be a nightmare rushing upstairs to change between batches though!)
Whose idea was it anyway to make 5 different flavours of macarons? Caramel fleur de sel, blackcurrant, pistachio with chestnut filling, tangerine and saffron. Making them was fine but filling them all and packaging them all took me about 9 hours in the end. Cute boxes though eh?
At 6 am on Saturday morning I decided that we needed more cake for people to eat as they sipped tea on the couches so what else but eclairs?
Then we finally made it to Brondie's where the gorgeous Clarissa titivated it all to look really posh. Warm and welcoming on a rainy day in Norwich.

Billy, the perfect doorman in suit and tie.
His Mumma Brondie looking like a complete bombshell.
The star team Clarry & Zebedee
And my darling Ricardo who had remained resolutely optimistic and an absolute darling that I will never be able to live without. Here he is making Lobster Thermidor for our dinner when I was at my lowest ebb on Friday night.


Russell & Brondie said...

OH Joey Joey Joey, you are the ultimate in feminine, strong, powerful energy and talent. What a day - not only for beautiful cushions, but food so delicious people were literally crooning at each other after tasting just one bite of those macarons. Wish I was HALF the woman you are!! THANKS

Bron xxxxx

suez said...

Wow. it is enough to make a sister very jealous.All that praise and all that amazing work well done cheeky.( and by the power of the posty I too got to taste an infamous macaron !!) It looks like a wonderfull success. I hope it means sales as well as beautiousness.And look at that handsome husband I think there is some sort of award in the air for you two. And please do say hi to the lovely Clarrisa she looks stunning. I hope lots of christmas wishes to you all. and keep an eye on the letter box XXxXXXX love you both

Lulu LaBonne said...

It looks fabulous - I'm sooo glad that you keep standards up with your cooking attire.


JoeyJoJo said...

Normally I prefer naturist cooking Lulu.