Monday, April 06, 2009

William Fairbank Junior

When we got married we had the reception at our friend William's place down by the river at Bridgham a tiny village nearby, it was the most romantic spot. Hi Will. It's always exciting and somewhat magical going to Williams. Last Saturday was no exception. Will has been making a film about his Grandfather Georgic Hayes who spent some time in Russia taking supplies across Siberia in 1919. The story has taken on a slightly fictional air and now involves a Russian Apothecaries boat! Will and friends have been making the boat and we were to launch it as part of the film on Saturday. These were our instructions
• Men: Wear boots (wellies are fine), baggy trousers, a 2 m length of rope, and a Russian hat (if you have one). We will provide a Russian peasant’s poncho (the rope is the belt) and a Russian hat (if you do not have one)
• Women: Wear boots (Wellies are fine), Long dress. Russian 1919 peasant top or jacket. 2 m length of rope. Scarf around your head. (or a Russian hat)
• Everyone is very very poor.
• You may be covered in dust and your hair is dishevelled.

We had a ball. The hardest part was trying not to smile when the camera was on you. Here are some photos of the boat. Will's Polish friend Piotr Borzecki
has painted it so unbelievably beautifully.
Outside and in, it's like a fairground ride.
Here is the artist himself looking at his handiwork. Justifiably proud. Wouldn't you just love a romantic weekend on this vessel? Although I must tell you, the toilet is a small window that you stick your bum out...


kelly said...

Oh my. How gorgeous is that! I love it (other than the toilet facilities (or lack thereof).

Beautiful, beautiful!

Mrs WJ said...

Hey guys it looks like a lot of fun. Wish we had been there to join in!
Love Sally