Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ricky Royale and the all stars

Well another fabulous night went down at Bridgham Church on Saturday.
It's a rare privilege to be able to perform with these guys.
Paul Fitzgerald on the left, Ricky Royale centre and Trevor Roland on the right.
Here's a dodgy video of rehearsal. Dave Thomas is in this too, special guest no1. The song he sang on the night "Shadow of doubt" by Gary Nicholson sent shivers down your spine.

Ooooooeeeeee nothing compares to the buzz you get when you're standing up there on stage and everyone in the audience is misty eyed.


suez said...

wow just great i had my speaker turned up loud and it was just like being there..Well done kiddies !!

kelly said...

wish I could have been there.