Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yay we've got kids

We picked up Roxi & Mat (Richard's daughter & her boyfriend) from Heathrow yesterday. We took them on a very speedy tour of the sights of London. First of all we parked behind Harrods...a snip at £1.60 per quarter of an hour!!! Woah. No we didn't buy anything as I didn't fancy a fur handbag for the bargain price of £1200. (It was reduced from £2000).
Then we went to the V& A....there were so many people around that I had to take photos of ceilings only. This is in the beautiful William Morris café.

This one is NOT of the ceiling though my hair looks like some weird owl underneath this beauteous statue.

This is the amazing ceiling at Harrods in the meat/fish section of the food hall. (Look familiar Thomsey?)
As soon as we got home we HAD to have a game of Yarnoff.
Roxi won!!!!!!

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