Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh Dear (Warning gruesome images follow)

It has been hot here over the last week or so & Richard has been up fixing and painting the barge boards along the sides of the roof of a friends house just 'round the corner. He's been getting a marvelous tan but I've been slightly nervous of him up on scaffolding by himself, with one leg balanced on the hedge.....
It's been good weather for drinking a beer after work too. For some reason his beer of choice was this one, Carlsberg Special Brew. It's got a really high alcohol content, much higher than I realised.Last night we went 'round to Clarissa's to watch a programme about the Global Village Trucking Company.
Richard had had a beer before we left & quite a few glasses of wine as we watched all his old hippy buddies from the rival Norfolk commune re-living their well spent youth. It was amazing to see how much & yet how little had changed.
As he left with ideas of being 21 again, Ricardo decided that all his time spent in Circus Oz had given him powers no mere mortal could live up to & he quickly swung himself up on a pole that crosses Clarrry's driveway... He got up alright.... but with no help from the Special Brew couldn't stay upside down for very long, his legs gave way & he bit the dust (or gravel in this case) and gashed his head really badly. Six stitches later. He's vowing never to go near a Special Brew again.
Thank God the urge to down a can or two hadn't overtaken him up that bloody scaffold!!!!


kelly said...

oh dear is right! Poor Ricardo!

Bad NAUGHTY Special Brew!

JoeyJoJo said...

That's right. NAUGHTY Special brew.
Great Ricardo the Magnificent.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about CoCo the Clown, but Ricardo the Magnificent is much more apt... Now, what about Ricardo the Magnificat??? (Church joke...)

Hope he's feeling himself again the politest sense of the phrase!

Jem x

JoeyJoJo said...

He's feeling more & more (of) himself Jem. Thanks.
Off to the boat on Saturday & back up that scaffold of David Hill's all too soon.