Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post holiday blues post

It's been frosty & cold & bloody miserable round here. So hard to come back from a holiday. All goofing off, sunny weather & no housework.
How does one delight in one's surroundings wherever one is in the world?
Spring is starting to comee through though. There are primroses out in my backyard and all the trees in the hedges are starting to be puffs of white. My morning walk now contains fields, cows, rooks, frost and the odd pheasant. No longer rosellas, cockatoos, heat, sisters & nieces.
Ricardo is working over at a nearby village called Great Ellingham, soundproofing the belltower. I have been over to help him for a couple of hours. There are 60 steps up Great Ellingham tower and no step is the same height or width as the next one. Bloody difficult to carry a sheet of plasterboard up when there's no handrail and no lights.

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