Thursday, January 10, 2008

Too darn hot

I said before that I wouldn't complain even if it was really hot here..... but OH MY GOD it's been hotter than I've ever experienced in my life before. 41 degrees feels like you've just opened a fan forced oven to put some biscuits in but you can't just close the door and walk away.
Poor Richard has been working, putting in a new deck, for our darling friend Gwen Ford all through the heat. I don't know how he does it. Lucky he's 12 years older than me....if we were the same age, I'd never ever keep up with his enthusiasm.
I took these photos of Gwen's beautiful garden where he is working. She has a B & B just up the road from where we are staying here in Eltham, Victoria, Australia, and I'm hereby putting in a shameless plug for it.
It's called the Eltham Garden retreat. You can't hear the cicadas buzzing loudly here and you can't smell the intense eucalyptus smell but you can imagine the peace that surrounds this place even on the hottest of days.
This is the lovely path that we had to tread endlessly to carry the wood up to the area where Ricardo is rebuilding the deck. A beautiful place to work you must admit.
Here's a photo of him after his hard days yakka.
Here too for your enjoyment is a not too bad one of me goofing off with my niece Lena at the nearby shopping centre where they have a donut king...... I've never tried blue ones before.

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