Sunday, January 27, 2008

Holiday at The Prom

We have been away camping... guess where....our favourite place ....(in Australia she hastily adds)... THE PROM. (See December 26th entry for more scintillating reading about such).
We were only away for a week but it felt like months. Just the kind of thing you dream of when you're in Norfolk looking out the window at the rain and thinking "When was the last time I went outside?" We spent whole days at the beach....Whole days to do the cross word. We got dirtier and dirtier without really caring. We saw a movie at the outdoor cinema where the wombat comes bumping along underneath the seats picking up the uneaten popcorn. We walked and ate and walked and ate. There was much Yarnuff played with new recruits coming up through the ranks... I didn't take a watch and had no idea what the time was most of the time. The sea matched my trousers (or pants as they're called here). We saw Kangaroos and snakes and were bitten by March flies (who don't seem to limit themselves to March only). I realised that my family has been going there for 40 years, even longer if you count my Uncle who used to go there more than 50 years ago when you had to drive in along the beach. It is really a slice of Paradise. Thank God for there being such places on the Earth and for us having a bit of time and money to visit them.


Anonymous said...

The Koala brothers cake decoration has arrived much to Bertie's delight. It seems too nice to use but he insists! Lovely to hear you are having such a great time
D, K &B

JoeyJoJo said...

Hooray. I hope the eucalyptus leaves in the parcel gave it some authenticity.