Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Wolfie Wolfenstein, courageous and daring cat/dog and owner of Ed and Gita has napped the blog and reports on last weekends activities in the household where he lives:
"My heroes Ed and Gita invited these oldies, Jo and Richard, down from the wilds of Norfolk, where Gita was partly brought up.

Talk about rude - as soon as Ed's back was
turned the old geezer was messin' about with his instruments, trying to play the Saw;
well - I can sing better than the noise he
was making on it.
They went out that night to see my Ed play with Sandy Dillon. Now she IS one WILD CAT imagine if you crossed Screamin Jay Hawkins with Tom Waits and added a dose of Joplin ( thats Janis not Scott ) you'd be a bit near it - check her and Ed out (that's my boy with the white hat )
This is him with the black hat in Salty Pirate Ed mode

They brought with them a couple of monkeys here's one of them with Ed and Geetz you can see they are being very nice about it as you know how smelly monkeys can be.
At least the monkey that my guys have WEARS CLOTHES, in fact a space suit as he is an astromonkey here he gives them a few pointers on space travel and personal hygeine.,

I must confess though that the darker monkey could fly and scream which just made me want to maul her even more. Anyway they went home on Sunday so I had the house to myself again. mmmmmmmmmmmm might have to start my own blog after this , love Wolfie xxx "


kelly said...

Dear Wolfie -

Please give Joey her blog back. You see, we LIKE her, and her stories of her wonderful adventures with Ricardo, Cheekee and Kate.

The monkeys are wonderful, if a bit noisy - you just have to get used to them.


a devoted reader

JoeyJoJo said...

Don't worry Kelly, I'm back with a vengeance. Slightly tired from too much socialising, drinking & laughing.

kelly said...

that's a wonderful kind of tired. :-)