Monday, February 19, 2007

Bellringing in strange places

Sorry for the last mushy post succumbing to the pressures of the media machine.
Here's one on a much higher level.......
Last Saturday we both just wanted to stay home & vegetate, but we had said yes to the quarterly meeting of the Norwich Diocessan Association of Bellringers (Proving there is an association for everything).
I know it doesn't sound all that scintilating but actually it was . Just as well we went. We got to ring the bells at another amazing church in a place called Garboldisham (pronounced Garblesham for some unknown reason). These little country Churches have the most amazing artifacts in them. Look at this beautiful kneeler with passion fruit flowers on it, next to the tessellated tiles.

and this ancient painted screen with the faces all scratched out, probably by Oliver Cromwell's men in the 17th century.

And this ancient head stock from a bell.

There's always the Mother's Union banner too & this one was a beautiful Art Deco example.

Another reason why I love being here in Norfolk UK


Anonymous said...

It's actually the inscription band, crown and canons from a bell. The headstock is the bar (wood or metal) from which the bell hangs... Jem x

JoeyJoJo said...

Sometimes I just pretend not to know stuff so you'll comment Jem.
xx Joey