Sunday, December 24, 2006

Catch up post

A few bits & pieces just to try & catch up on all that's been happening here in our neck of the woods.
The altar cloth & chasuble are DONE. Here are some pics.
More coming soon when it takes me less time to upload them. At the moment it's taken me an hour or so to get these few up here.I felt so nervous sliding it over the altar. It was like being on stage. Luckily it all went well & now we're just waiting to see it this evening at the Midnight Mass. Finished & lit by hundreds of candles.

It's so exciting at this time of year. Every time the postman knocks I hope it might be a parcel . Sure enough last week THE parcels came from Australia. Our lovely families remembered us, all the way over here.

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kelly said...

It's all so beautiful, Joey ... and I'm just as taken with your pin cushions!

Enjoy midnight services - it'll be magical!