Monday, October 16, 2006

I love Paris in the Fall....

I keep singing 'La Vie en Rose' & 'I love Paris'...because WE are going to Paris on Wednesday 18th October. On the Eurostar. 2 for 1 tickets. That's only £58 for the 2 of us return!!! The honeymoon we never had. Yay. Thanks Dad. xxxxx
The last time I went was 20 years ago. I loved it and hated it.
I loved the architecture. (What kind of people would erect golden statues of winged creatures at every vantage point?)
I loved the cakes & chocolates (I didn't walk past ONE chocolate shop. Thus not being able to poo for 2 weeks.....Too much information?)
I loved the amazing French style that was evident everywhere.
I loved the Musee Rodin and this sculpture especially of 'The Danaide'.

But... I stayed with people who really weren't on my wave length.
He was the Australian Defense Attache and I thought it would be exciting to stay at the Australian embassy....instead of my dreams of parquet floors & chandeliers with balconies, it was a building designed by Harry Seidler of concrete & glass, with a lonely weeping cherry in the central courtyard. I sympathised with that cherry.
The attache & his wife (who shall remain nameless because I've forgotten their names) hated being in Paris. She was pregnant again with their second child & never went out, other than to go to the supermarket or to take their son to pre school. He was the naughtiest little boy I have ever met, mostly because he had become immune to his mother yelling at him all day "Don't touch that Darren. Get away from there Darren. Get to your room Darren." All of which simply passed over his head.
I remember I took him to the Eiffel tower to give his Mum a break & he ran away from me on the 2nd floor. I lost him completely for a while & thought my life was over. When I found him again I gripped his wrist so tightly that it left a red mark for the rest of the day. As we approached his home again I relaxed my vice like grip, he ran across a busy road, turned & threw a stone which hit a passing taxi. Now normaly I would never ever hit a child but at that stage I must admit I whacked him on the bum & told him if he told his mother I'd get him later. He seemed totally unaffected.

Here is the multi map of where we are staying. The Hotel de Lille, cheap & hopefully cheerful. We are intending to meet up with Richard's lovely friend Liz (Hi Liz) and have dinner on a boat on the Seine.
We are also going to visit my friends Jeff & Christine who live near Fontainbleu. There may be mushroom hunting involved.

Life is good, except for a client who is giving me grief at the moment, so it will be doubly nice to get away from it all.


skips said...

Nice pink.

Anonymous said...

i am sooooo jealous. Bring me back something wonderful, will you? And I will play my Edith Piaf and French Kiss soundtrack all week in your honor.

Anonymous said...

Are Cheekee and Kate accompanying you? Perhaps a picture of them enjoying a romantic moment on the bateau-mouche would be in order?

JoeyJoJo said...

Don't you worry about that, they are packed & ready to go.
I don't think they'll mind the trip in the suitcase as long as they get out of it for the Eiffel Tower.
Bateau Mouche with soft toys could be a little embarassing though.