Monday, October 02, 2006

Blakeney Point

Last Saturday, the sun shone on 5 very happy people.

We had perfect weather, for the perfect Blakeney Point in North Norfolk, UK to see the seals that laze around in the shallow water off the peninsula there.

Blakeney Point is one of the largest expanses of undeveloped coastal habitats of its type in Europe.

" Blakeney Point has over 1,000 acres of sand dunes and is a nature reserve, home to the common and grey seal. It is also a bird sanctuary with a wealth of bird life including Terns, Oyster Catchers, Plovers and Redshank. It is possible to walk out to Blakeney Point from Cley but it is a ten mile hike of rough walking. During the season one can take advantage of boat trips from Blakeney and Morston Quay to get to the point."from

It was all Iris's idea . . unfortunately her lovely daughter Lucy couldn't come, but her grandaughter Molly & good friend Dominic could.
We went out in a small boat with about 25 other people.
We took a picnic & explored the reaches of the Blakeney peninsula. It's a weirdly isolated piece of heaven with dunes & dips & secret hollows.

Here's Richard doing a seal impersonation...

The National Trust keep their eye onthe Blakeney Point & have a beautiful building there that used to be the lifeboat launching station.
It's the perfect backdrop for a picture of my new dress. I know you've all been waiting for it...Amy...Kelly.

After we did the wildlife thang, we went to Holt & I managed to let myself spend a little bit of money at a sensational Vintage clothing shop.
I got a pink & white short sleeved cardie with pearl buttons, a pink 40's party dress & the most gorgeous pair of 1920's satin pyjamas with a chinoiserie kind of print.
Here's a pic of me in the pink dress on our way to William Fairbank's for a party.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place that is ... and the seals are amazing!

I love love love the dress too. What a nice job you did on it.


JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Kelly my buddy, you must have just got out of bed!!!