Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The one that got away

Last week my sister Sue called me to say a nice man named Todd had contacted her about a cushion he'd seen at the Montsalvat shop that he wanted to buy for his wife's 40th birthday. Unfortunately it had sold!

So, the next day she organised to picked him up from the Eltham station, took him to Montsalvat and went through all my fabrics, arranging them until he was happy with the combination of colours and size.

I made the cushion up the next day and called him to say it was ready. It was 7.30pm and I heard his wife's querulous voice in the background as he told her he had to go and "pick something up". I felt as if I were having a clandestine affair with a cushion lover.

They both loved the cushion and recently sent me an email to say how pleased they were with it.
What a man is all I can say. To have noticed that she loved the cushion in the first place & then to go to all that trouble to get one to her.

There are photos of the finished cushion coming but this is a photo of the one that got away.
Here's his email ...

Dear Jo,
I hope you will forgive this very belated email to say a huge thank you for the fantastic cushion - J. loves it! And it was a huge, wonderful surprise for her!
We both think it is very beautiful and love that it was hand made, unique and there is a history to each of the fabrics, not to mention its creation.
Thank you so much to your self and to Sue for being so lovely and guiding me through the process!

With very best wishes,


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Lulu LaBonne said...

How uplifting ... I love that cushion too Joey, not surprised they fell for it xxx