Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lunch in the Orchard

Like a woman unaware of her beauty, my friends Robyn and Rob are unaware of the idyll they live in.
For an antipodean girl like me, their place is heaven on a stick.
I can never get enough of the lush green grass & gardens that surround their place. With espaliered pear trees with purple iris underneath and beds of the healthiest strawberries you could ever wish for.
Robyn asked me over for lunch a short time ago and assured me she hadn't really gone to any trouble, but look what awaited me.

Luckily I had taken some hand sewing to do so I could sit & relax and not feel guilty that I should be getting back to work.
It's not snow on the grass nor flowers but petals from the apple trees.


suez said...

Its all so pretty,Joey . Oh I wish spring was here right now. Please say hello to Robyn and Rob for me xxxxxxxxxxxx love

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Thomsey Tom. I will. They'll love it. xxxxxxxxxxxx