Friday, January 20, 2012

New and even more exotic cushions

Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything here. I've been busy as usual and now have a streaming cold. I'm looking forward to a nice night in though with my favourite dinner of salmon with spinach, new potatoes and sauce vierge; a fish dinner seems to have miraculous healing powers.
Today has been a very low day indeed, the weather has been wet & cold all day and I haven't been able to warm up. Setting up the bedroom however to take these photos warmed me up and cheered me up too. There's something so satisfying about making your environment nice.
I acquired this absolutely beautiful piece of embroidery that I've made into quite a glamorous cushion. The colours and the stitching are exquisite and I chose a pale pink silk taffeta to make a pleated frill round the outside.
I bought this lovely striated ribbon in Melbourne when I was there at this time last year.
just look at the detail in this cherry blossom.
I've also cheered myself up with this lemony combination after listening to Woman's hour on radio 4 when they were talking about pastels being in this season. I never see myself as someone who follows fashion trends but this is a happy coincidence.
I've also decided to sell this beautiful bit of textile joy. I've been meaning to make it into a cushion but it's the wrong shape really so I thought maybe one of you out there might like to make use of it instead. The sparrows in flight are just the most wonderful things. Animated and cleverly done with amazing shading.
There are more details on the website

That's all for now. I'm off to cook dinner and fall into the sack.
I do have another blog in the pipeline though about my recent trip to Scotland. I'll finish it off this weekend some time and show you my reasons for becoming a Scotlophile.

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