Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roma due

When I discovered that Lena was going back to Roma and was going to be staying with our new best friends Tamara and Brad, I jumped at the chance to meet her there again. I also took the opportunity to deliver a cushion for Tamara. She has excellent taste and this flower cushion fitted right in to the rest of the decor.

We hit the streets as well and you can see me looking slightly apprehensive here, as I try my luck with the mouth of truth.
One last look at the detail of that cushion.
I forgot to bring my camera cable so these are the only shots so far of this second trip to Rome. When I get home, I'll upload a few more. Ciao for now.


sallywj said...

Joey I love the cushion I also hope you are having fun. That mouth things is scary! Do you still have all your fingers?


JoeyJoJo said...

Thank you Sal.All fingers are accounted for as you witnessed today with their ability to pick up slices of delicious quiche. xxx