Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do the macaron(a)

Well my macaron attempts are getting better. I managed to scrape together a bit of time to make these little beauties. Pistachio and lime. They worked fairly well although after I lashed out on another silicone baking mat, half of them still stuck. How come the ones on the green mat didn't stick?
and the ones on the pink mat did?
Here is the ganache for the filling made with a LOT of white chocolate. It's lucky any got into the bowl really. It's my favourite Green and Blacks flavour with speckles of vanilla seed in it.
Boiling the cream and adding the ground pistachios and lime rind.
The terrifying moment of amalgamation, will it separate at this late stage?
So far, so good. Sandwiching the two halves together has to be a very careful operation as they are extremely fragile at this stage. You can see on the pink mat the remains of a lot of them.
Finally the finished product looking pretty professional I think. Next time I'm trying coffee with chocolate filling. Mmmmm.
By the way, Richard found a very cute matching caterpiller for you all on our shopping list.


suez said...

YOU are very clever they are EXACTLY PERFECT>well done lovely.You will have your own patisserie soon. Maybe you will have a visit from Johnny Depp to your chocolat store!!and whisk you away to the gypsy's

JoeyJoJo said...

You big NICEY.
But Ricardo is the best Pirate I know...(especially with his new shiny teeth)

Roxi said...

damn those sticky pink mats. Pink is the stickiest colour after all.....

Hooray for new teeth and fluffy caterpillars.

Love love love

JoeyJoJo said...

And hooray for you too my lovely Roxi. xxxxx

Lulu LaBonne said...

I love your 'being back from france' therapy - girl so much after my own heart. I can just taste those macarons and the white chocolate

Sew Very English......... said...

The mac's look fab, having seen your wonderful results I'm going to give them a try myself and heading off to carrefour tomorrow where I saw a dinky little book on how to make them. Well done, they do look really super x