Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weeting country show

Yesterday we took our friend Harriet Sprigto the Weeting Steam Engine Rally and Country Show.
We were there early, the third car load of people through the gates as she and Richard were mighty keen to be the first ones to peruse the 2nd hand tool dealers. A blokes (or honorary bloke in Harriet's case) paradise is Weeting..... rusty metal, dull metal, shiny metal, any metal at all really...heaven.What is it about a steam engine polished until it gleams that brings a lump to your throat though?
These guys didn't even see me taking the photo. So incredibly focused on handling that massive piece of machinery.
Ricardo always tries to match an exhibit or two...
"Just going to get the milk Mum."
The weather wasn't great and there was a thunderstorm half way through the day but it made for a very other wordly atmosphere and it wasn't really cold if you stayed up close to the engines.The air was thick with smoke and the coal merchants were run off their feet keeping up the supply. These massive oak logs weren't there to be burned but to be part of the 'Look how strong my one is...' display.
Our fiend David Boggia has what's called a 'Living van' that he takes to shows like this one. Here he is looking mighty proud of it, with Harriet reading a book about tractors behind him.
Harriet did a lot of the woodwork inside the van and it's very cute and cosy with a wood burner and all.
I made David a mattress for his bed out of an old horse hair one that he wanted cut down. Boy cutting through horse hair is a tough job, I blew up an electric knife doing it and blunted my scissors really effectively too. If you look closely in the following photo you can see the tea cosy that David's sister made for him that's a little replica of the van.
A truly wonderful day out.

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sallywj said...

Wow looks like a great day. Big love to you both. Sally