Saturday, May 02, 2009

Big Day Out

From the sublime to the ..... sublime.
It's been the most amazing weather here. Rarely do we get a Spring like this, it's been warm all week. The air is scented with lilac and cow parsley.
Yesterday I took the day off with my buddy Sheila Macdonald and we went to Cambridge for a "Jolly" as Sheila says in her lovely Scottish accent.
We found our way to Granchester and found paradise at the Orchard tea garden. Often these places of renown are not as good in the flesh as you had imagined but not yesterday.As I took this photo a sweet old guy shuffled out of my view apologising profusely. We asked if he would join us for a cup of tea and Paul from Michigan proceeded to tell us his life story. We flopped on the sun on our deck chairs as a blackbird pecked around us at the crumbs from my Victoria sponge.
The weather has been so warm & still that the blossom has hardly fallen from the trees.If you can get there, take the dominos and GO.
Is there anywhere else in the world where you'd see a bloke in a boater (that's not in a jazz band) walking past wisteria like this?


skips said...

I have to rely on using Trent's phone as the modem to go online these days, so I haven't checked in for a while. It does look like a beautiful season to be part of. I especially like the idea of tea under the blossom trees. I want that in my back yard.

JoeyJoJo said...

Start planting now Ames, it won't take long.