Saturday, January 17, 2009

Performance anxiety.

It's getting pretty nerve wracking around here, waiting for 6pm to come when we have a sound check for tonight's gig. So I thought I'd relieve the tension and cook and blog. Just lunch really but I had these photos in my camera from the other night when we had William, John & Sally round for borsch and cards. I made plaited rye bread, mushroom dumplings
(or Ushka) which means 'little ears' and borsch.
We had a great night but I still didn't win the Yarnuf game.


kelly said...

Of course you didn't win ... Ricardo did! :-)

The food all looks yummy. You are inspiring me to try some cooking of my own.

Break a leg tonight!


JoeyJoJo said...

Merci buckets Kellski. It went brilliantly and the best bit was that I got to take the star home.....

suez said...

well done chicken I hope the night was a huge success and the musical career goes ahead in leaps and bounds..