Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My reason/excuse for not blogging is that I've had "The Cold.
What a bloody pain in the arse it is. I've had sore teeth too and so haven't even had the consolation of eating yummy things. I can't be bothered doing anything, even looking at the washing basket makes me feel exhausted. I just hope it's gone by the 8th December when we fly off to Singapore & Oz, I couldn't stand coughing on all those orchids. So boring.
There was some consolation last night as I got up in the wee hours (turned out it was actually only 11.30 pm) to cough unrestrainedly. There was a marvelous programme on Television with that complete Dish Ewan Mcgregor on it, called "Long way down". He and a fellow rider, Charley Boorman riding motor bikes on a 15000 mile journey from John O'Groats to Cape town. Amazing stuff. It made me glad to have a comfortable house & a warm bed to go back to when the coughing stopped.

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