Monday, January 22, 2007

Edie's party

We went to Buxton on the weekend to Edie's 18th birthday.
Here are a few embarrassing snaps of the ensuing mayhem. You had to dress as someone whose name began with the same leter as yours. So Jordan & Ricky the rocker rocked up to join Dolly Parton, Jesus, Edie the Egyptian with Marius the Morrocan. a marvelous rabbit, a few Romans, Al Capone, the beautiful goddess Lakshme,
I've never used so much fake tan in all my life.Gita the geisha various members of "Little Britain",

Amy as..... what was Amy dressed as?etc etc. We had a ball.
The Langleys are one great family & it's hard to decide which of the girls is the most beautiful, but I think the birthday girl just made it.

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Anonymous said...

Amy the Angel...of course