Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All over now

Well I'm back at home in little old Norfolk and Spain seems a long way away.
I did in fact meet the Queen!!! She was amazing. I thought she must have been around 50 but on the internet I discovered she's 67. Here's my pic of her portrait in the area where we had cocktails after the opening of the European Microfinance Networks "Microfinance for financial and social inclusion". The other photo is her at the table opening the proceedings.
It was an incredible event all round. Reminding me that the world is indeed very small. It made me wish I'd studied more French at High school, or Italian or Spanish or German or something. Most people spoke at least 2 languages. Some as many as 5.
The chandeliers in the palace were a knockout.

Here are my new best friends from Morocco, Khadoughz & Amina. A woman from Norway in National costume too.

The Sagrada Familia. Seen so many times and still nothing like what it is in the flesh.
Too tired to do more now will come back tomorrow night.

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