Friday, October 14, 2005

Last Holi-day

Last day of my holiday away from nasty work.
Got up really early worrying about a presentation I have to give in Barcelona in 2 weeks time. For the EMN .
"What are the main barriers facing women who may want to borrow money".
I dreamt the answer was Childcare, even though I haven't got children I know that if I did, my Cushions would rarely get made.

Speaking of cushions, I've been accepted into the Blackthorpe barn Christmas craft fair in December here's
a pic of the barn.

The organiser said he remembered my cushions from last time. This time could I bring some really EXOTIC ones????
So I've been working on my REALLY EXOTIC range.
Work in progress. Is this Exotic enough?

A couple of nights ago, we went to a 'Meet eat & sing' evening at Eye Church in Suffolk. Presented by David Dunnet, the Organist at Norwich Cathedral.

"The great flint-encrusted tower of St Peter and St Paul rises above a stunningly crafted interior. Here inside, we will find the nearest thing Suffolk has to a fulfilment of the ecclesiological aspirations of our great-grandparents' generation." from their website

There's an amazing Rood screen in the Church. Which is painted with gorgeous colours & gold leaf. You can't see it that well here but the serpents under the figures feet are like amazing opalescent mermaids.

After the singing was over our friend Jeremy took us into the back of the Church to have a look at the robes worn by the minister. WOWEE KAZOWEE, have you ever seen a gold fiddle backed Chasuble?
Here's one worn by Pope John Paul II in prayer before mass. The one at Eye however is completely Gold all over. Must have cost a small fortune.

Similar to this one from an incredible blog devoted to the Fiddle back Chasuble. What an amazing world we live in.


Joe Powel said...
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oldhall said...

Hey, we both like Celine & Julie! It is a small club to which we belong, eh?

(Nice cushions)